What To Tell A Hair Stylist When Getting Your Hair Done

13 April 2020
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

The most challenging part of a haircut isn't the process of cutting and styling hair, for hair stylists are well trained in how to do this. Instead, the most challenging part is simply communicating what you want your hair to look like to a hair stylist. Here's what to tell a hair stylist so that you can clearly share what you want your hair to look like when the stylist is done.

Discuss a Reference Photograph

Bring a photograph of a hair style you like with you to the appointment, and use this as a visual aid as you talk with the hair stylist. The picture will serve as a general guideline for the stylist, but don't only use the picture as a general reference. 

Discuss the reference photograph in detail with your hair stylist, noting the specific things that you especially like about the photograph. If the stylist can replicate the entire photograph because of your hair type, the products you use, or another reason, they'll be able to focus on the aspects that you like best and make sure those come through in your completed hairdo.

Talk About Relative Length

Hair stylists don't use a ruler when cutting hair, and no one in public talks about hair length using inches. Instead, people use phrases like short, long, above the shoulder, and to the middle of the back when they describe a person's hair. 

Likewise, you shouldn't talk about your hair length in terms of inches at an appointment. Even though hair stylists know what 1 or 6 inches of hair looks like, it's difficult for most people to really picture such exact measurements. Instead, describe where you want your hair to fall in relation to your body. 

For example, do you want the hair to your ears or shoulder blades? These are more useful ways since they describe the way the hair will look on you.

Mention Your At-Home Hair Care Routine

Make sure you spend a few moments discussing how you care for your hair at home. Note both how you style your hair on a daily basis and what you do to clean your hair. The frequency of what you do and what products you use are both important.

These factors will help a hair stylist know how to cut your hair in a way that you can reproduce the style at home each day when you don't have someone to do your hair for you.