Avoiding Back Pain As A Barber Begins With Proper Chair Selection

2 April 2020
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

Barbers spend a great deal of their day on their feet, moving and twisting their arms and bodies in various positions. The result of this movement is often back strain. Back strain leads to pain, but it can also affect the level of service you're able to provide your clients. Did you know that the barber chair you service your clients in can have an impact on the amount of back pain you experience? Learn how to choose a chair that keeps you at your best.

Aim for Client Comfort

When it comes to avoiding back strain and pain, it would seem that the main priority would be to keep the stylist as comfortable as possible. While this idea is true, remember that it's equally important to ensure your client is comfortable. A key measure to prevent back strain is to ensure that the client's head and neck are perfectly aligned for your reach.

The problem is that if you choose a stiff, or otherwise uncomfortable, chair, the client is more likely to constantly move and readjust themselves to get comfortable. Select chairs that provide good support and comfort for the clients to make it easier for them to stay still, and ultimately, keep you from straining to keep your hands steady.

Avoid Bulky Chairs

Bulky chairs might look good in the salon, offer a sense of luxury, and even provide superior support for your clients, but they aren't worth it when you look at the big picture. When you choose a bulky chair, the size of the chair increases the distance between yourself and the client. 

The length of your arm is only so long, so if you happen to have a shorter reach, you will be forced to strain to reach your client's head. Keep in mind the size of the chair does not imply its level of comfort or style, as there are options with slimmer designs that are just as good.

Look for High Functionality

The chair should help bring the client to you, not force you to make adjustments. For this reason, you want to choose a chair with a high functionality design. For example, all barber chairs have height adjustment features. However, some chairs have preset levels, which might only offer two or three different height options.

There are then barber chairs with hydraulic pumps that allow you to customize the height of the chair to a level that is best suited for the build of the client. From neck support to foot support options, look for chairs with high functionality features.

Keep all these factors in mind to ensure you choose a barber chair that keeps you protected and keeps your clients happy.

For more information about barber chairs, contact a furniture supplier.